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Our programs

Where can you find us?

We run many programs, actions and meetings in public space and on the Internet. To meet us, visit this and the websites below.

Tour de KonstytucjaPL

Tour de KonstytucjaPL

Tour de Konstytucja PL is an event for all democrats with the participation of lawyers. TourBus travels across Poland to meet local social activists.

Konkurs Konstytucja na 6

"Constitution for six" competition

"Constitution for six" named after Wiktor Osiatyński for the script and implementation of educational classes on the topic "Freedoms, rights and obligations of man and citizen enshrined in the Constitution".

Kalendarz KORD

Calendar of events

The calendar of nationwide events has been maintained since December 2018. Edited by volunteers of the Congress of Civic Democratic Movements based on information from you.

Our meetings

We support democratic movements

The first Congress of Civic Democratic Movements took place on September 9, 2018 in Łódź. Several hundred people participated in it: representatives of organizations, associations and informal groups from all over Poland, active politicians, distinguished activists of the democratic opposition in the Polish People's Republic, lawyers, local government officials, and figures from the world of culture.

Congress K O R D

Founder of the foundation
Robert Hojda

Founder of the Congress of Civic Democratic Movements Foundation and the originator and coordinator of the nationwide educational campaign Tour de Constitution.

Experienced in interpersonal and social relations. He worked in international corporations. A social worker supporting the Warsaw Insurgents and civic pro-democratic movements.

Robert Hojda