What Tomasz Peszyński(Pulse Europe Czech Republic) thinks about KORD

I had the honor of attending KORD meeting. KORD is one proof that all evil is good for something. As the countries of the Visegrad Four are absorbed by authoritarian populism, there is an increase in the efforts of those responsible to counter this.

These people, called activists in the Czech Republic, in Poland the Street opposition constantly improve their skills and tactics. KORD is one of these improvements for me. Personally, it was an experience for me to meet liberal and pro-European Polish activists in so many ways. It is admirable how these people try to improve their skills, how they try to organize and generally raise their activities to a higher level. KORD is already starting to cross the Polish border when it is evident that it has also attracted people like Lex Paulson to help them, which is admirable.

Last but not least, I was very happy to reap applause on the KORD for my opinion that pro-European liberals in Europe should begin to unite. I think KORD is a good and useful structure that can be one of the cornerstones of what we need and what is absolutely necessary at this time. And thus a pan-European civil movement that will promote further European integration and a stronger Europe. A Europe that, like guarding the quality of cucumbers, bananas and bulbs, will guard the quality of democracy - equality of political competition, the rule of law and the information monopoly. A Europe that offers collective defense against external influences as an alternative to the trend of building nation-states that are against everyone. And a Europe that will enable us to effectively address global threats such as climate change.

I am absolutely convinced that it is time to stop responding to the actions of nationalists and populists and instead to push for a positive alternative. It is necessary to stop defending, it is necessary to start attacking.
I call on KORD to engage in building such a movement. I call on KORD because I know it has the power and motivation to do so.

Tomasz Peszyński, Pulse of Europe Czech Republic

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