Waldemar Żurek, Polish lawyer and judge, with his opinion about KORD

I took part in several congresses organized by KORD - the Congress of Civic Democratic Movements. What I consider to be valuable is the presence of numerous non-governmental organizations and freedom movements. 

Whether in Lodz or in Warsaw, the meetings were organized in an excellent way. Their distinguishing features were its impeccable preparation and a well-designed program with carefully selected speakers. The participation of the legends who were actively overthrowing communism in Poland, provided the defenders of democracy with additional force.

Yet what distinguishes KORD and its meetings is the tremendous and continuous enthusiasm of its participants, who are very deeply involved in the defense of democracy, civic rights and the judiciary free from political pressure. It was an honor and a very interesting experience for me to take part in these undertakings.

Waldemar Żurek, Polish lawyer and judge in the Regional Court in Cracow; member of the National Council of the Judiciary for two terms and its spokesman until March 2018.

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