The Foundation’s Managment Board is composed of two people: Robert Hojda, an initiator and coordinator of KORD and founder of KORD Foundation and Katarzyna Wyszomierska – since 2016 a civic journalist, a co-creator of Skwer Wolności website (Freedom Square) and an initiator and organiser of Civic Media Congress.

President of the Board

Mr Robert Hojda

He is a food technologist, a sales representative, a production and sales manager, a qualified trainer of the profession, and a small and medium-sized companies development strategist. He is competent at creating a process and production line and conducting human resource training. He is experienced in interpersonal and social relations. He worked in international corporations. He is a social activist supporting Warsaw Uprising Insurgents as well as civic democratic movements.

Member of the Board

Mrs Kinga Dagmara Siadlak

Attorney Kinga Dagmara Siadlak runs her own law firm, is co-founder and president of the "Defensor Iuris" Bar Association, sits on the bodies of the Koszalin Bar Association, is Chairman of the Committee for Cooperation with Courts and Prosecutors, Chairman of the Image Committee and Vice-Chairman of the Equal Treatment Committee and the Image Committee of the Supreme Bar Council. In 2020, she was awarded in the "Lawyer of the Year" competition. She is very active in supporting various civic projects, including the Tour de Constitution.


The Foundation Council consists of people who have been involved in the activities of the street opposition since 2015:

President of the Foundation

Mrs Jolanta Jeżowska

She is a specialist in German language by education, but for more than 20 years she has been professionally involved in Public Relations. She worked among others in an information technology company ComputerLand SA, in the Polish Public Relations Consultancies Association, PR Profile Agency and in the Information Society Development Foundation. She is experienced in corporation and social communication. She was responsible for creation and implementation of communication strategy of the Library Development Programme, an extensive social project aimed at the modernisation of Polish public libraries in small towns, initiated and funded by Bill and Melinda Gates (2008-2015).

Mr Waldemar Bukalski

An automation specialist fascinated with energy-saving propulsion systems. He is a founder and trainer at Akademia Falowników (Inverters’ Academy) whose objective is pro bono education on modern propulsion technology. At present he heads Radomianie dla Demokracji Association (Radomians for Democracy), a grassroots social movement, which acts in cooperation with the citizens of Radom, social organisations and other social movements in order to defend democratic civil rights, taking into account in particular human rights, as well as socio-legal and economic civil liberties.

Mr Dominik Kuc

A young social activist for equality and LGBTQ+ community and the initiator of Equality Diplomas. He is currently working at the Pole Dialogu Foundation (Chance for Dialogue Foundation).

Mr Mirosław Michalski

A pedagogist by education, but for nearly thirty years he has been working in the advertising industry. He co-owns a graphic design studio. | He is a volunteer and a social activist involved in the civic movements activities.


KORD Foundation enjoys the support of numerous authorities and opinion leaders, and the invitation to participate in the work of Program Board has been accepted by:

Mr Zbigniew Hołdys

A vocalist, composer, instrumentalist, and a co-founder and for many years leader of Perfect, one of the most important rock bands in Poland. He co-created such hits as Autobiografia (”Autobiography”), Chcemy być sobą (”We Want to Be Ourselves”), Nie płacz Ewka (”Don’t Cry, Eve”). He is also active as a journalist. He was an editor-inchief of music magazine Non Stop (1988-89). He has been writing features for Interia website and Newseek. He had his own TV programme called “Hołdys Guru” (2002-2004). He was a lecturer at Warsaw Film School. He created the Academy of Finest Arts at Pol’and’Rock Festival, formerly Przystanek Woodstock (Polish Woodstock Festival). He is an author of theatrical performances and screenplays. For many years he has been involved in social and political activities: in 1989 he was in charge of election campaign of Warsaw “Solidarity”. He set up the Dzieci Ulicy oundation (Children of the Street Foundation) and since 2016 he has actively supported civic democratic movements.

Mr Lex Paulson

Dr. Lex Paulson is the Director of the School of Collective Intelligence at the Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique in Morocco, and a lecturer in human rights at Sciences Po-Paris. Trained as a community organizer, he helped craft mobilization and training strategy for the campaigns of Barack Obama in 2008 and Emmanuel Macron in 2017. Lex studied political theory at Yale, Cambridge, and the Sorbonne, and has led projects in democracy and governance for UNICEF, the U.S. State Department, the French National Assembly and the National Democratic Institute. He served as legislative counsel in the 111th U.S. Congress (2009-2011); organized on four U.S. presidential campaigns; and has worked to advance democratic innovation at the European Commission as well as in India, Tunisia, Egypt, Uganda, Senegal, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Mrs Danuta Przywara

A sociologist and civic activist. Since 1982 she has been involved in the Helsinki movement in Poland, prior to which she was a mediator at the Intervention and Mediation Committee of the Mazowsze Region of NSZZ Solidarność (“Solidarity”) in 1980-1981. In 1989 she co-created and since 2008 has been the President of Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. She was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Rebirth of Poland, the Officer’s Cross of the same Order and the Medal “Bene Merentibus Iustitiae” (Merit for Justice). In 2013 she was honoured with Jerzy Zimowski Prize for uncompromising defence of those whose rights are infringed and for tough defence of the independence of watchdog organisations which keep an eye authorities’ activities.

Mrs Ewa Woydyłło-Osiatyńska

She has a PhD degree in psychology and addiction therapy. In Poland she popularised the treatment based on Minnesota model, relying on the Alcoholics Anonymous philosophy. In the Stefan Batory Foundation she coordinates the Regional Alcohol and Drug Programme. She is active in ABCXXI Foundation All of Poland Reads to Kids and in the Congress of Women. She is an authoress of many books e.g. Wybieram wolność, czyli rzecz o wyzwalaniu się z uzależnień (I Have Chosen Freedom. On Breaking Free from Addictions), Zaproszenie do życia (Invitation to Life), Podnieś głowę (Raise Your Head), Sekrety kobiet (Women’s Secrets), W zgodzie ze sobą (In Accordance with Oneself), Rak duszy (Cancer of Soul), O alkoholizmie (On Alcoholism), Poprawka z matury (Retake of Final Exam).

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